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In Akita, Japan, on September 28, 1981, Sister Agnes suddenly felt the presence of the angel at her side during the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. She did not see the angel in person, but a Bible appeared open before her eyes and she was invited...
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VIDEO TAPE CLUB - Receive 2 video tapes. Keep and return within 2 months, and receive 2 more tapes. We have over 1000 titles consisting of many categories of Catholic videos. You cannot choose the videos you receive, however, we will try to accommodate requests. A $30 security deposit is required.

AUDIO TAPE CLUB - Receive a set of 7 audio tapes. Keep and return within 2 months, and receive another set of 7 tapes. You cannot choose the audios you receive, however, suggestions and comments are welcome. No security deposit for the Audio Club is required. A $15 security deposit is required.

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